Jay and Karen (JKP Media Group)

About JKP Media Group

JKP Media Group was co-founded by Jay and Karen Petrie.

An electrician with a sales and management background, Jay started blogging in 2015 while working in Cold Lake, Alberta. With construction paused for several weeks due to forest fire evacuations, he spent those weeks building a website that explored technology and its potential for workplace and industry disruption.

Passionate about the economic impact technology and automation would have, he spent the next few years exploring alternate ways to earn income, such as freelance work, and various side hustles like buying & selling online, ridesharing, online publishing, and marketing. As a result, he launched a website about his side hustle experiences called Gig Hustlers, which has since been visited by over 5 million readers.

Over the following years, through word of mouth, he picked up jobs building and managing websites, and publishing content for clients, which led to Jay and Karen co-founding JKP Media Group.